About Polished Salon

With 15+ years of experience in this industry, 10 of those years here at Polished we have found what really works for us and our clients. We also have over 5 years of experience owning our own private nails and skin care academy as instructors. We are very knowledgeable in every aspect of this business and that is what makes us different and successful. After years of experience we have a different philosophy and approach to when you are receiving these services. Clients are in a calmer state of mind and relaxing knowing what kind of service they are going to get out of us and assured that we are in compliance with state laws all at the same time making them feel that they are in good hands.

Comfort & confidence in enhancements

The proper application for each client is different depending on their lifestyle and natural nail structure to ensure the quality and durability of the application. Minimized roughening for immediate restoration of the natural nail bed. Clients don’t have to wait 6-8 months for a new presentable nail bed. We use the best products currently known and trusted in the industry. We guarantee it.

Honest & knowledgeable

We educate our clients about every aspect of this service that ranges from products to advantages and disadvantages. You can ask everyone of our clients about their service and they will be able to tell you from top to bottom exactly what they've had for referrals or technicians providing service to them outside of Polished. We are here not only to make an honest living but to build a relationship with our clients for the long run.

Family owned & operated

That’s what makes us reliable and trustworthy. You won’t come in the next day and find a new person whom you’ve never seen before. Our staff has been the same for many years and we have a low turnover rate. Small enough to have someone accountable and have the most personable experience in town.

Our goal is not only to meet, but exceed expectations when it comes to our current client demands.